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APEX stands for "Aspiring For Purchasing Excellence". It is the association of the senior-most purchasing managers of major companies in the Mid-South. 

CEO's Roundtable

The CEO's Roundtable is an original summit of the area's top-most CEO's of major companies. This roundtable is at the exclusive invitation of Luke Yancy to have the area's foremost CEOs speak among themselves to an audience of the Memphis Community about their work and thoughts around Diversity & Inclusion. The roundtable became an annual event that resulted in action plans to improve the participation of minorities in the Memphis ecosystem.

Model Diversity Corporate Initiative

The Model Diversity Initiative is a special pilot program involving ten of the largest companies/organizations in Memphis, Tennessee. These organizations include Federal Express Corporation, Service Master, International Paper, Saint Jude Research Hospital and Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare. Luke Yancy has led these institutions through a collaborative process that ultimately improved their diversity and inclusion dynamics in their supply chain, workforce, internal diversity and community.

Memphis Fast-Forward Minority/Women's Business Initiative

Memphis developed a community economic development plan which included minority and women-owned businesses. There are 12 MOU-provided community plans, which among them is the Memphis Minority Business Council Continuum. There are only 2 MOU providers which had outstanding performances, the MMBC being the strongest.

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